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Battle River Community Foundation
COVID-19 Response Grants and Fund

A lot of things have changed in our world in the last several weeks and more changes can be expected in the weeks to come.

Planning for celebration of the Battle River Community Foundation’s 25th anniversary has come to a (temporary, we hope) halt and has been replaced by planning ways the Foundation can use the assets and goodwill you have entrusted with us to assist our communities in weathering the COVID-19 pandemic.


We have established a $100,000 grant program from discretionary income that can be accessed by what the CFA calls “qualified donees” – charities registered and those described at

Our grant program is intended to respond to challenges faced by local organizations, support the recovery of those organizations and assist in maintaining the wellbeing of our citizens and communities.

It is, however, not unlimited. We cannot

  • Provide funding directly to individuals;
  • Duplicate existing funding provided by provincial or federal governments;
  • Support direct religious activities;
  • Replace your fundraising projects;
  • Provide capital funding for projects;
  • Fund activities outside the Battle River Community Foundation service area.

You can apply for funding by completing and submitting the COVID-19 Grant applications form.
We intend to get responses to applicants within 3 weeks of receiving your requests.

Grants will be awarded to the limit of the funding committed by the Foundation PLUS any donations received to supplement our funding.

When you complete the form, please print a copy for your records before you submit it to us.


If individuals, companies or organizations wish to increase the amount available to support organizations in our region, we have partnered with the Edmonton Community Foundation to access provincial funding to match donations made in support of the Battle River Community Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund from April 22 through May 31.  We are grateful the province is providing this assistance.

Any donations you make will be outside our normal fundraising and will not establish an endowed fund.  They will be flow through gifts intended to be spent over the short term to assist in local COVID-19 responses.

To be matched by provincial dollars and be available for grants in our area, your donation should be made to the Edmonton Community Foundation’s Rapid Response Fund by May 31, and must specify in the ``Message for the Edmonton Community Foundation`` section of the donation form that it is intended for the Battle River Community Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund.  You may access the donation information at

In order to minimize fees charged against your donation and if you wish to donate $1,000 or more, you could use the Edmonton Community Foundation One Time, Non Recurring Donation form which is linked to the page above.  Again, in order to get the funds to the Battle River Community Foundation, you should indicate on the form that you wish the donation to be directed to the Battle Rived Community Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund. We would also appreciate your indicating consent to being named in public materials of ECF so they can release your name(s) to us.

If you prefer to talk with someone at the Edmonton Community Foundation, you may contact Matt Mandrusiak, 780.426.0015, extension 123 or cell 780.974.7923 to make a donation to the Battle River Community Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund.

You may also donate directly to the Battle River Community Foundation, after May 31 or if you do not want to have your donation matched. 

Please contact Dana Andreassen, Executive Director, at 780.679.0449 weekday mornings or by email to if you have questions.


Battle River Community Foundation | | 780.679.0449 | PO Box 1122, Camrose, AB T4V 4E7